This site is dedicated to finding and documenting the ancestry of our family. It all started with the famous Ford Family reunions, which began in 1993. These reunions were the rekindling of a tradition of shared summer vacations by three brothers from many years before. (To see the story of how they actually got started again, click here.)

As time went on we realized the special bond created by these reunions, and wanted to preserve their memory for generations to come. This in turn sparked our curiosity about those who came before us, and so was born this history...

Well, let's get started. Here begins the story of the Fabulous Ford Family, whose origins can be found in Rockford, Illinois many many years ago. Actually the origins go back much farther than that, of course, but for those of us who are part of the family now, and knew Grandpa Ford when he was alive ... well, we think it all began there.

The founder of the Ford Family, as far as we are concerned, was the very first Grandpa Ford, shown here. He was much beloved by all who knew him. There are many other Grandpa Fords now, of course, and even a Great-Grandpa Ford. And more are sure to come. But here is where we start.